STOP wasting time and money guessing what's wrong with your funnel...

The Funnel Design Audit will reveal what's not working in your funnel so you can make the highest-impact changes to increase conversions quickly!

Do you have a funnel for your coaching business or information product that isn't getting you the leads or sales you want?

Schedule a Funnel Design Audit and get feedback and advice that you can implement to increase the trust, credibility, and conversions of your funnel.
Funnel Design Audit Includes:
  • ​Recorded video of feedback on funnel design and functionality of every page of a single funnel.
  • Funnel Checklist highlighting the highest impact changes to make for your funnel
Your Funnel Design Audit will be delivered within 48 hours.

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Hi, my name is Susan...

I am a funnel redesigner and strategist committed to helping businesses optimize their funnel for the traffic they are already getting.

I have moved from designing funnels for conversions to redesigning funnels for ever growing entrepreneurs to make sure that my clients’ funnels and businesses grow as fast as they do.

Oftentimes, as entrepreneurs build their own funnels they fail to appeal to their ideal customer without realizing it.

In their hurry to “just get the funnel out there”, they overlook important but critical details like making sure their funnel will attract their ideal clients and therefore CONVERT the offer they have.

On this Funnel Audit, I will break down core strategic elements that ultimately lead to more sales for your already converting offer.

Our Fans...

"She took so much time to understand my brand, my message, what I wanted to get across..."


"She went above and beyond from what I asked for."


"It was such an easy process..."


"You really care about them getting results..."


"I saved so much time, energy, and grief trying to learn all the programs and how to design a funnel..."

We launched my funnel and it was so fun to see people not only opting into the funnel but also purchasing the upsells and downsells. She helps me with branding, email automation and any time I have a question about something she's there. I absolutely give Susan my stamp of approval."
Monica Tanner

"She has grown to become part of my network and I go to her for any of my funnel work that I need."

"Susan really heard me out in what I wanted and what I expected and my vision that I had, she put it together in this beautiful funnel for me.
What stood out is that Susan asked me what I wanted and took the time to hear what my style and brand is.
Within a couple days after Susan delivered my funnel, I started receiving sales.
I highly recommend Susan for any funnel design you need. She has grown to become part of my network and I go to her for any of my funnel work that I need.
Go with Susan, you won't regret it."
Noemi Horta-Aguilar

"The results that I get out of this new sales page is way different than before..."

"Susan designed my sales page for my training. It was way more impressive than what I expected, she went above and beyond from what I asked for.
The results that I get out of this new sales page is way different than before...
With the previous one the people were going for the payment plan and looking for a safer option... they had less trust in buying.
But now people are taking way more risk and are buying the full payment option. I almost cancelled the payment plan option because no one was using it
I really recommend Susan."
Amr Thabet
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